Binary packages (deb|rpm)

SysFlow can be deployed directly on the host using its binary packages (since SysFlow 0.4.0).

We package SysFlow for debian- and rpm-based distros.

Debian distributions

Download the SysFlow packages (set $VERSION to a Sysflow release >=0.4.1):

wget$VERSION/sfcollector-$VERSION-x86_64.deb \$VERSION/sfprocessor-$VERSION-x86_64.deb

Install pre-requisites:

apt install -y llvm linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Install the SysFlow packages:

dpkg -i sfcollector-$VERSION-x86_64.deb sfprocessor-$VERSION-x86_64.deb

RPM distributions

Download the SysFlow packages (set $VERSION to a Sysflow release >=0.4.1):

wget$VERSION/sfcollector-$VERSION-x86_64.rpm \$VERSION/sfprocessor-$VERSION-x86_64.rpm

Install pre-requisites (Instructions for Rhel8 below):

subscription-manager repos --enable="codeready-builder-for-rhel-8-$(/bin/arch)-rpms"
dnf -y update
dnf -y install \
    kernel-devel-$(uname -r) \

Install the SysFlow packages:

rmp -i sfcollector-$VERSION-x86_64.rpm sfprocessor-$VERSION-x86_64.rpm


Start the SysFlow systemd service:

sysflow start

Check SysFlow service status:

sysflow status

Stop the SysFlow service:

sysflow stop


Configuration options can be changed in /etc/sysflow. The Processor configuration is located in /etc/sysflow/pipelines/pipeline.local.json and can be used to change the processor configuration from its default settings. The Collector and systemd service configurations are located in /etc/sysflow/conf/sysflow.env.